Pole dance pole - How to prepare a pole dance station at home?

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Sometimes you think that a pole dance pipe would look perfect in your living room? Or maybe you have an extra room in your apartment that just begs to be turned into an exercise room?

Suddenly, on Saturday or Sunday evening or Wednesday at 2 p.m. you feel like going crazy on the tube, but the studio doesn't run classes then. Or maybe you live far from the studio and you simply can't train there as often as you would like?

It would be enough to have only a pole dance tube at home 🙂

Okay, but how do you get the TV to survive once you start exercising and the coffee table doesn't get ricocheted (or your leg)?

The measure will come to your aid! 🙂

The diameter of the space around the tube should be min. 1.5 m. Of course, it all also depends on what you want to do and how tall you are.

Let the 1.5 m diameter be the starting distance . If you are tall - it is worth thinking about rearranging or moving the furniture slightly so that you have more space - e.g. if you have 170, make the diameter 1.7, if of course you have the option 🙂

However, if you cannot arrange the room so that it has 2 meters around the pipe - do not worry! Stay with a smaller diameter - then some of the figures will be harder to make, because you can hook your foot on the piece of furniture. But it is mainly about those "stretched" figures such as Extended Butterfly etc.  But there are many figures that are beautiful and do not require a large training room 🙂

pole dance pole

pole dance pole

As for pipes and their assembly - this is a topic for a separate post that will come soon.

Just remember about the accessories for exercises - a mattress is a must if you plan your figures up (and you will surely get to them). The mattress is a must have for every workout, as well as a decent warm-up 🙂

How to learn at home alone? You can use cards with Pole Dance figures - then you have to figure out how to enter a given figure (option for people with higher body awareness) or use ready -made video tutorials that show and explain how to enter the position step by step.

Additional accessories that may be helpful in equipping your home studio are:

  • exercise mat
  • yoga cubes
  • rubber that will help with more difficult strength elements

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