Is it always worth exercising intensively?

You surely know the phrase "exercise is health" - you have heard many times in your life that physical activity supports immunity .

“But basically what exercise is healthy? Is there any difference? "

There it is. So let's start from the beginning.

How does exercise affect our immunity?

We conclude from many studies that physical activity supports the functioning of the immune system - it reduces the risk of infection , thanks to which we are not as susceptible to colds and diseases as non-training people.

According to some researchers , the very increase in temperature accompanying the work of muscles inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is worth noting that the changes in the immune system induced by exercise disappear after a few hours after its completion, but regular exercise prolongs their duration.

It is believed that exercise increases the number and activity of macrophages , which are cells that are the body's first line of defense against antigens. The more active they are, the better the defense against viruses and bacteria.

A moderate intensity of training also contributes to an increase in the activity of Th lymphocytes (white blood cells). Thanks to this, you reduce the risk of developing infections or autoimmune diseases.

"Everything is correct, let's go to practice!"

But wait, wait! There is also the other side of the coin.

Doing high-intensity workouts can weaken your immune system!

Observations of people after the marathon have shown that the risk of respiratory infections is up to 6 times higher, which lasts up to 72 hours after the end of exercise.

"Er, I don't run marathons"

Post-exercise weakening of the immune system usually occurs after sustained, moderate-to-heavy, 90-minute or longer exercise performed on an empty stomach .

Why is this happening? This is because the increase in stress hormones (andrenaline and cortisol) inhibits the activity of white blood cells , which (as you already know) play a very important role in your body's immune system.

What can additionally weaken the body?

These are factors such as mental stress, inadequate nutrition, and lack of sleep.

So take care of your immunity during this special time - exercise - 1 hour a day is enough to support your body, eat foods rich in nutrients, take care of sleep and relaxation.

A physically strong body is also a strong immune system!

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